goober Messenger

Multifunctional messenger with TV, radio and more

Although goober Messenger looks like just another Instant Messaging client, it is in fact much much more. View full description


  • Has tons of features from an IM client to online videos
  • Well presented and polished interface
  • Includes RSS feeds and HD video chats
  • Widgets expand goober Messenger


  • Interface is a little cluttered
  • Radio and video channels are obscure
  • A lot to pack into what is essentially an IM client

Very good

Although goober Messenger looks like just another Instant Messaging client, it is in fact much much more.

goober Messenger encompasses absolutely everything from aggregating RSS feeds to video playback and cheap calls to mobile networks worldwide. This is undoubtedly an ambitious package but for the most part, goober Messenger does a decent job of providing them all quickly and efficiently. When you install goober Messenger, you'll need to sign-up for an account which takes a minute or so although doesn't involve divulging anything you're not comfortable with.

The toolbar along the top is the main control center for goober Messenger. From here you can add new messenger contacts from major IM clients, manage your address book and add widgets amongst other things. The widget function is something that makes goober Messenger a little more unique than other IM clients as they allow you to expand the functionality of goober Messenger very easily.

You've also got access to an online hard drive which only gives you 200MB of free space but it's better than nothing. Another interesting feature is the radio and TV button which allows you to watch and listen to TV and radio channels within goober Messenger. Many of the channels are pretty obscure but the quality of streaming is good and you can watch them in full screen by double clicking on them. Other buttons include options to join special topic orientated chat rooms, payment for sending text messages, a text messaging function and a button to change goober Messenger settings.

goober Messenger deserves full marks for being innovative and although it feels maybe a bit too overwhelming at first. If you were to take advantage of all of it's features though, you'd have a mighty powerful and comprehensive messenger, multimedia and online storage solution.


  • Many functions are now provided with a link to a tutorial video explaining their use.
  • Now also for Mac & Linux
  • Even better quality for users in the same LAN
  • Status of connection quality displayed
  • Editing mode: Change your last message. Your chat partner only sees the changed notice
  • Images will now be displayed directly in the chat window
  • Links to received files are also visible in the chat window
  • google Talk
  • Jabber
  • Design: Configure your contact list yourself by adding graphics
  • Shortcuts: Define for yourself the functions that you wish to access directly
goober Messenger


goober Messenger 2.1

— User reviews — about goober Messenger

  • Lahiru86

    by Lahiru86

    "Nice messaging software"

    Goober messenger is all-in-one massaging program that facilitates to configure Yahoo!, AIM, Google, MSN etc. and it make... More.

    reviewed on December 6, 2009

  • Andrei Frincu

    by Andrei Frincu

    "Nice features pack!"

    I love it, can't belive how many features this piece of software has! As Alexu said, the widgets are great, and I use th... More.

    reviewed on August 15, 2009

  • alexu2001

    by alexu2001

    "Best Videochat Image clarity"

    I have seen and used a lot. This is by far the best image clarity i have ever seen on any videochat. Their live customer... More.

    reviewed on August 12, 2009

  • "true messenger"

    it is good fo everybody comunication.everybody has achance to deliver his,her messages,facts,newsand words one to anothe... More.

    reviewed on April 12, 2009